Impressions of “United We Fall” Documentary

United We Fall is a documentary released on July 1, 2010 that covers the topics of a North American Union, and North American Currency.

A brief overview/ highlights that stood out to me:

-Canadian Law allows for corporations to be treated as individuals with rights such as myself. So a corporation could be engaged in outrageous propaganda yet still be legally allowed if they claimed freedom of speech.

– Canada, America, and Mexico have signed a “Proportionality Sharing Clause.” To Canada, one of the things this means is that a certain amount of oil produced by Canada must go to the United States, even if we were in dire need of energy. This clearly undermines our sovereignty.

– The European Union was built incrementally, beginning in the 1950’s with a Steel Partnership between European countries. Who’s to say that a North American Union isn’t in the works in the same, gradual way? Think of NAFTA, the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) between Canada, Mexico, and America, and the North American Competitiveness council.  Remember the old adage about putting the frog into cool water, turning up the heat, and the frog is boiling before he realizes what is going on.

– When Canada signed NAFTA, it stopped borrowing money from its own bank, the Bank of Canada, and began to borrow from global, private banking cartels, who have no allegiance to Canada. The only allegiance these bankers have is to power and profit. The high percentage, compound interest loans offered by these banks are part of the reason for Canada’s black hole of debt.

– Some intellectuals and government officials remind us that it is not going to be a North American government… more of a North American “Community”. Yet in a report put out by the Council on Foreign Relations (of which many of these people are members) they talk about a judicial, legislative and executive branch of this “Community”. Does this not sound like a government?

– Protests in Montebello, Quebec against the SPP resulted in 3 masked “anarchists” who attempted to throw rocks at police to incite violence and give police a reason to break up the protests. Upon examination of their shoes, these anarchists were found out to be undercover policemen : “Agent Provocateurs.”

The film goes on to talk about the bigger picture. This includes a breakdown of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commision, and the Bilderberg Group; and how these three organizations relate to the propagation of the New World Order agenda. The film shows how crises are created and manipulated to result in the infringement of human rights. Finally, there is a section on how you can raise awareness and spread a message through local politics and activism.

I thought this documentary was informative towards the North American Union, especially because the producers interviewed not only people opposed to the NAU, but people for the NAU; people who are instrumental in the formation of the NAU. This provides the movie watcher with the substance to think critically and draw conclusions for themselves. It also provided an excellent overview of the New World Order. The ending has quite a few good and inspiring ideas to try and raise awareness.

Enjoy, and support the Filmmakers by purchasing the hard DVD copy here


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