B.P. Oil Spill

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is causing immeasurable amounts of damage to the southern coast of the U.S. Most of the population believe it is due to an unfortunate leak in BP’s oil rig and will accept this without looking into it further. But, with further investigation, we can find our own leaks and pieces to fit a new story together.

Halliburton advertises solutions for today’s energy challenges. This slogan, paired with the Halliburton’s close-knit relationship with the US federal government (think of their involvement in Iraq) may cause suspicion towards their involvement with the spill. Just a few days before the spill, Halliburton decided it would be a good idea to purchase Boots and Coots; a company specializing in oil spill cleanup.
On April 20th, Halliburton’s crews showed up on the rig 20 hours prior to the explosion. The workers on the rig were ignorant to their presence, apparently having no idea what they were doing there.

So Halliburton:
a) Buys Boots and Coots (a surpising move to many investors)
b) Mysteriously arrives at BP oil rig to “repair the rig”, leaving workers in the dark
c) Waits for the rig to explode 20 hours later
d) Watches the Boots and Coots stocks go through the roof!

A coincidence in timing?

The actual gas leak is from three different spots on the ocean floor, not out of the piping or rig. Has BP broken the ocean floor? Natural gas containing toxic methane is leaking out and suffocating fish. In places where actual oil concentration is very small, methane gas has been found in suffocating levels, rendering vast swaths of ocean as inhospitable to wildlife. These methane clouds are more far-reaching than oil spilled.

Meanwhile, back in the ‘real’ world, the Obama Administration and BP representatives bounce the blame back and forth. The lack of action between them has become astonishingly more apparent as the months roll on. There seems to be a reluctance to do anything at all. Eerily, the lack of Obama’s reaction to the oil spill mirrors Bush’s lack of reaction to Katrina.

The ridiculous terms BP comes up with such as “top kill” and “junk shot” portray this disaster as if it is a joke or of no importance. They should be doing everything that is possible to stop the flow, but instead they shoot rubber and golf balls into the holes in futile attempts to stop it. Are they serious?

Another great idea they have come up with is to dump millions of gallons of Corexit 9500 into the gulf. This is a chemical known to cause liver failure, kidney failure, and lung problems. This will pose as a toxic poison to the crews cleaning up the spill in the gulf. It is so toxic, it is banned in Europe.

“Mysterious illnesses” being suffered by cleanup crews seems reminiscent of the Gulf War syndrome and post-9/11 syndrome. The million dollar question is: Will the government treat the people cleaning up the Gulf like the all the people that helped clean up ground zero by largely ignoring and denying them of medical attention? History says yes. In fact, they will probably deny that there is any correlation of sickness to the oil spill at all. We also need to consider the U.S.’s new health care system that has largely transferred power to those big, friendly insurance corporations.

What this Corexit 9500 is supposed to do is “disperse” the oil by breaking it up into tiny particles. Some claim it is really just helping to keep the oil underwater so as to hide the devastating extent of the spill from aerial photographs.

The logic of dispersing oil to help clean up the spill is ridiculous. ‘How will we clean up this oil spill? By spreading it around of course!’ When you consider the ocean currents, especially the deep ocean conveyor belt, this oil spill has the potential to affect the entire world in a devastating manner. Again, why use a dispersant? Not only are you dumping another extremely toxic substance into the ocean, but you are letting oil sink to the colder waters near the ocean floor where extremely high volumes of water move globally.

The U.S. Government has also deployed 17,000 national guard troops – but to what end? To help with the cleanup, or to prevent access to the spill? In press conferences, the U.S. Coast Guard is seen standing alongside BP officials, as if they are subordinate! Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Who died and made BP king of the Gulf? People are being prevented access to the spill, under threat of arrest. This is public land, yet even the air over the gulf is being denied to civilians. It is now a no-fly zone. Why? The only apparent reason is to limit bad press and more aerial photographs. Rights are denied and manipulated because the government has deemed this a national crisis.

Terrifyingly, Hurricane season is coming – not only will the oil slick come crashing upon the land, but the torrential rain associated with hurricanes will have a new ingredient this summer – oil. In a worst case scenario, oil could coat an entire city, turning it into a giant tinderbox, waiting for a spark. Hurricanes often create a path of devastation far inland before dying out, and this summer is predicted to be a bad year.

The domino effect that very well may happen – The Gulf of Mexico becomes a dead zone, for the foreseeable future. The economy of the south eastern states are devastated. Not only is the economy stagnated, but the food supply coming from that area becomes nil. There will be no fishing industry in the Gulf. Once the hurricanes come there will be no fruit industry in Florida. These southern states will be thrown into mass poverty. Many will get sick from oil fumes and oil falling out of the sky. The oil will spread up the eastern seaboard and affect the entire coast. Oil will begin to wash up along the shores. I believe all of this could be the impetus needed to call for a mass evacuation of the southeast. With nowhere else to go, mass populations will be moved into FEMA camps. Freedoms will be restricted, The police state nature of America will sharply become apparent as Americans’ rights are further infringed upon.

The oil spill still has no end in sight. It is going to get very ugly. I believe this could be the beginning of the end for America as we know it. Let us wait and see where America is two years from now, when Obama’s term nears a close. Remember the famous quote: “We must never let a good crisis go to waste.”

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